A clear path to preservation.

We seek a humane federal wild horse and burro program that focuses on proven fertility control, promotes healthy ecosystems by protecting predators, strengthens habitat stewardship, and addresses resource inequalities.



A major focus on fertility control.

We've implemented the world’s largest fertility control program right here in the U.S. on Nevada’s historic Virginia Range. Our volunteer-based, collaborative program is proof that this fertility control model is effective for humanely managing large wild horse populations in expansive habitat areas.

The Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) vaccine provides a safe, humane, cost-efficient and effective alternative to the current wild horse management approach of roundup, removal and stockpiling of horses in government holding facilities.

AWHC and other boots-on-the-ground wild horse advocacy groups have successfully collaborated on fertility control efforts for years, bringing these programs to several areas across the West.


Land trusts and grazing buyouts.

Our newest initiative is a Land Trust, launched in 2019, to focus on expanding and preserving habitat for wild horses and burros in the wild. The program focuses on land acquisition, habitat improvements and grazing buyouts to improve the quality and quantity of habitat available for wild horses and burros. This program promises to shift the paradigm of wild horse advocacy away from conflict and confrontation to collaboration and conservation.

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Let Predators Live.

Let predators live.

In remote areas of the West, mountain lions and other apex predators balance entire ecosystems -- including helping to regulate wild horse populations.

But between hunting tags and government kill programs aimed to protect livestock, hundreds of mountain lions, natural predator to mustangs, are killed on public lands each year

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