Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners’ Meeting: Talking Points


1. Nevadans take great pride in their wild horses. A poll shows that 80% want them protected.
2. The BLM is at a tipping point, with over 60,000 wild horses in holding facilities and yet is planning to add nearly 20,000 more to this system in 2024.
3. There is no viable adoption market that leads to humane outcomes for wild horses and burros, ensuring that thousands of wild horses and burros will be held in incredibly expensive holding facilities. The taxpayers foot this outlandish bill.
4. Roundups cause the problem the BLM and other anti-horse organizations claim to solve. In areas where roundups occur, the populations actually increase at a faster rate due to compensatory reproduction.
5. Humane alternatives exist.
6. It’s been over 10 years since the National Academy of Sciences recommended robust fertility control as a strong management tool.
7. The BLM needs to use scientifically proven fertility control in a meaningful way
8. Removing thousands more wild horses and burros and funneling them into holding facilities is fiscally irresponsible and it goes against the spirit of the Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.
9. Without meaningful fertility control, the roundups recommended in this letter are only a 5-10 year bandaid and an abuse of taxpayer funding.
10. The Coalition for Healthy Nevada Lands is not a registered entity in the State of Nevada, there is no list of their membership available, and they accept donations with no transparency as to where that money goes. No agency should be taking action on a letter from such an organization.