The Battle Continues on Capitol Hill

October 23, 2017

As you know by now, the Senate Appropriations Committee has again delayed markup hearings for  Fiscal Year 2018 Interior appropriations legislation. The markups are tentatively scheduled for the week of October 30th, although there is still a lot of uncertainty in the schedule. 

This means we have more time to keep up the pressure.

We are heavily focused on ensuring that the Senate hears your voices demanding continued protections for wild horses and burros. We're working hard to to stop narrow special interests from successfully overriding the judgment of 80% of Americans who believe that killing wild horses and burros is unacceptable.

This week, thanks to your support, we have launched a series of online ads targeted at Capitol Hill using this video. This is in addition to our billboards in Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Las Vegas, the television ads targeting key Representatives in NevadaVirginia, Oklahoma and California, and the commercial aimed at Senator Murkowski which resulted in at least 100 constituent calls to her Anchorage office. 

With potentially only a week left, your calls and emails are literally the backstop against the heavy-handed lobbying efforts of pro-slaughter forces.

The enemies of our magnificent wild horses are organized and powerful. Make no mistake, however. They can be defeated by the power of the people … but only if we continue the fight and make sure our voices heard. Please keep up the pressure! 

1) Click here to look up your Senators' phone numbers. You can tell them: I strongly urge you to maintain protections for Wild Horses and Burros -- and oppose any effort that would allow for the euthanizing, killing or slaughter of America's wild horses. I am part of the 80% who opposes slaughter.

2) After you call, you can send an email to your Senators on the same web-page.

3) Pressure them on social media.

If you're on Twitter, please click the links below to reach out to the Chairs of the Appropriations Committee and Subcommittee:

If you only have Facebook, search for your Senators Facebook pages, and leave a comment in a recent post. Tell them: I am with the 80% of Americans who say #NoHorseSlaughter. Maintain protections from killing and slaughter for America's wild horses.

Our wild horses and burros are worth the effort, so please take just a moment to act on their behalf today. We'll keep you posted.