AWHC's National Day of Action: A Resounding Call for Change

On March 1st, American Wild Horse Conservation (AWHC) orchestrated a nationwide day of action to mark National Horse Protection Day. The objective was clear: urge Congress to implement reform measures to ensure the conservation of wild horses and burros across the nation.


AWHC rallied its supporters, encouraging them to participate in the advocacy effort. The primary focus was on pushing Congress to support the Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act, H.R. 6635, led by Nevada's Representative Dina Titus, and to support Fiscal Year 2025 appropriations language to require the BLM to fund the expansion of humane fertility control programs.


The response was significant. Throughout our advocacy efforts, over 23,000 letters were sent to congressional offices, highlighting the widespread support for change among the public.


The impact of this collective action is noteworthy. It sends a clear message to lawmakers that the issue of wild horse and burro protection is a priority for many Americans. It underscores the importance of grassroots advocacy in driving legislative change.


Already, the reverberations of this day of action are being felt within the halls of Congress. Thousands of voices demand action on behalf of these animals.


AWHC's national day of action serves as a reminder of the power of civic engagement. It demonstrates that when individuals come together to advocate for a cause, they can effect meaningful change.


The success of this day of action is a testament to the dedication and commitment of those who participated. It sets a precedent for continued advocacy efforts in the ongoing fight for the protection of wild horses and burros.