AWHC Update on the McCullough Peaks Roundup

The American public rallied against the bait trap removal of the beloved McCullough Peaks wild horses, generating over 200,000 emails to top BLM officials. In response to this pressure, the BLM reduced the number of horses it plans to capture. Additionally, the BLM's Wind River/Big Horn Basin District Office reached out to AWHC to begin a dialogue about the wild horse populations in Northwest Wyoming. We appreciate this gesture and the recognition of the strong public interest in protecting Wyoming's iconic wild horse herds. 

Unfortunately, the agency is proceeding with the removal of 35 McCullough Peaks wild horses and the bait traps have been set in the Herd Management Area (HMA). We were able to confirm with the BLM that, as of December 13, no horses had been captured or removed. 

We will continue to monitor this situation and to continue to advocate for Wyoming's wild horses. Our lawsuit to stop the BLM from eradicating the iconic Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin will continue in federal court in 2024. We also look forward to more conversations with the BLM and continued public advocacy for other herds targeted for removal, including the iconic wild horses of the North Lander Complex and the White Mountain Herd Management Area.