In the Wild

Meet the Mustang: Withers Jr.

By Deborah Sutherland, AWHC Volunteer

(Jan. 4, 2023) The first time I saw Withers Jr. he was a tiny colt walking next to his dam, Withers (formerly known as Starlite) in Blazer’s band. It was a sunny spring day on the Virginia Range and after their walk, he plopped himself down in the grass for a nap. He watched me with his curious eyes while sporting a tiny bright star on his forehead. Withers, one of the oldest mares in the valley at the time, watched over him as he rested.

Meet the Mustang: Trident, a Nevada Stallion

By Deb Sutherland, Volunteer

(Dec 15, 2022) Trident was born one hot summer day in 2015 in the foothills of the Virginia Range just a few months before his sire Bodie Braveheart died. The first time I saw him he was a tiny foal only a few hours old and was close to his dam Pinkie while his sire Bodie stood watch where they rested. He was a cute little colt with a small crooked triangle star on his forehead and a right hind sock.

Lifting the Veil: AWHC FOIA Program

By Amelia Perrin, Investigations Manager

Shaggy the Shimmering Buckskin on Nevada's Virginia Range

By Deborah Sutherland, AWHC Virginia Range Documenter

American Wild Horse Campaign Pledges Reward MATCH for Justice in Nevada Wild Horse Killings

American Wild Horse Campaign Pledges Reward MATCH for Justice in Nevada Wild Horse Killings

Ely, Nevada (September 15, 2022) –  Today, the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) announced that it will match the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) $5,000 reward fund in hopes of bringing justice to the case of the brutal killing of wild horses from Jakes Valley in November of 2021. 

Snakes! On the Range!

By Deborah Walker, AWHC volunteer

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob Holleman

Meet Bob Holleman! Like many volunteers on the Virginia Range, Bob moved to an area with wild horses and they captured his heart. He helps in so many ways, from monitoring horses and fixing fences for Wild Horse Connection, assisting the rescue team, and is a certified darter for the fertility control program.

From the Range: A Tale of Stallion Drama

By Deb Sutherland, AWHC Virginia Range Program Volunteer

(June 9, 2022) A few months ago I was out documenting on the Virginia Range near a canyon where I knew some wild horse bands usually hang out.  As I was photographing some known horses, I glanced to the east and saw an unfamiliar band coming over the hill.