Talking Points: SCR4014

  1. Wild horses are integral to the scenery, native wildlife, and wilderness qualities of the Park – the landscape that inspired President Theodore Roosevelt and still inspires visitors today.
  2. The horses in the Park are descendants of the original Badland horses with historical lineages that trace all the way back to the horses surrendered by Sitting Bull in the late 1800s.
  3. The Teddy Roosevelt horses are North Dakota’s only wild horse herd and should be protected as such.
  4. The Teddy Roosevelt herd must be kept at a minimum of 150 horses in order to ensure a genetically viable herd.
  5. SCR 4014 will help support ecotourism and business development in North Dakota by protecting the horses.
  6. SCR 4014 is consistent with the wishes of 80 percent of Americans who want wild horses protected.
  7. If the horses are removed, I will not spend tourism dollars in the state.
  8. Vote YES on SCR 4014 to support humane, scientifically recommended methods of managing these wild horses on the public lands they call home.