Speak up for Reno's Wild Horses!

  •  A housing developer has put up fencing that blocks the mustangs’ access to critical water sources in the Damonte Ranch area in Reno. 


  • The developer has yet to obtain the necessary approvals for their development plans. 


  • Despite this, they've taken action that puts our wildlife at risk.


  • Humane compromises that would preserve access for all wildlife and enable the landowner to proceed with development once they have the required approvals in place exist.


  • The fencing must be open immediately until a compromise solution is reached. 


  • One way to protect wildlife while developments are growing and expanding is to prioritize the  South Reno fencing project. 


  • This is a community concern and the community wants fencing to protect the horses and local residents. 


  • I urge you, the City Council, to fund the South Reno Fencing Project