Listen to the Fur Real Podcast featuring AWHC's Amelia Perrin

Learn more about wild horses and what AWHC is doing to protect them. Our very own Amelia Perrin, Sr. Communications Manager, was interviewed by @markakyle last week on the Fur Real Podcast. Listen at the link below.


By Mark Kyle

Fur Real with Mark Kyle: Ep. 42 " WILD HORSES OF AMERICA" with Amelia Perrin of AWHC on Apple Podcasts

Did you know that wild horses still roam the United States? These majestic symbols of the American West are facing serious threats to their survival. Join me as I sit down with Amelia Perrin from American Wild Horse Conservation for an eye-opening discussion.

In this captivating episode, we explore the rich history and incredible stories of these wild horses and meet the dedicated people fighting to protect them. You'll be shocked and disturbed by the efforts to strip them of their land and the government's controversial labeling of them as "feral," meaning invasive and intrusive. We stand by the term "Wild"!

This episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about wildlife conservation and American history. Tune in to learn about the beautiful wild horses and the crucial efforts to save them.