The Four Brothers: Trident, PJ, Sherwin, and Paulo

Four stallion brothers still live close together on the Virginia Range not far from where they were born. Trident, the oldest of the four brothers was born in 2015, a few years later PJ was born in 2017, then Sherwin in 2018, and the youngest brother Paulo born in 2019. They are all sons of the mare named Pinkie. Some call her Miracle Momma as she has survived some terrible injuries and is very lucky to still be alive. Trident, PJ, and Sherwin have family bands of their own but Paulo still remains a bachelor.
Trident’s sire is Bodie Braveheart and he looks so much like his dad. Bodie was a majestic bay with a long mane and forelock that covered his tiny star and he had a left hind pastern. Trident’s star is bigger than Bodie’s but is still covered with his long forelock and Trident wears a right hind sock. Trident is a very strong stallion and can fight when he needs to, just like his dad used to do to protect his family.
The Sire of PJ, Sherwin, and Paulo is uncertain because originally Pinkie was Bodie Braveheart’s mare until he died. After that, Pinkie went with different stallions until she finally settled with Midnight, the stallion she is currently with. One of the stallions she was with before Midnight was a handsome chestnut with a flaxen mane that shimmered in the summer sun, named Flashy. I’m sure since Pinkie’s last three sons are chestnut-colored their sire is probably Flashy. In fact the youngest son Paulo looks just like Flashy and was born while Pinkie was still with him before Midnight took her.
Trident remained a bachelor for several years until he joined Two Sock’s band where he was the “lieutenant”, the one who did the fighting. I saw Trident fight other stallions often to protect their band because Two Socks was getting old and couldn’t do much fighting. The funny thing is that Two Socks and Bodie were the strongest stallions on the range back then, they were rivals when Trident was growing up and I used to see them fight each other often while Trident watched.
Last winter after a big snow storm I saw Two Socks standing on the frozen snow-covered range looking old, thin, and alone. He had lost his band! I searched for the band and found them not too far from where Two Socks was standing and saw that Trident had taken over his family. Two Socks has remained a bachelor since the takeover but still lives near Trident and his old band. Trident is taking good care of his newly acquired family of six and still lives on the range near his brothers and close to where he was born.
PJ the chestnut with the hourglass blaze and left hind sock now has a small band of three mares, and lives near Trident and Sherwin’s family. After being a bachelor for some time, PJ became a band stallion by stealing his younger brother Sherwin’s mares. Even though PJ is older, Sherwin became a band stallion before PJ. I’ve always known PJ as a fighter and have seen him fight other stallions often. He must have fought his brother, too, in order to get his mares and even though I didn’t see that fight I saw PJ snaking the mares to keep them from going back to Sherwin. Since PJ took over Sherwin’s mares, he has lost a few but he still has three mares and lives near his brothers and his birthplace.
Soon after PJ stole his family from Sherwin, Sherwin gathered a few more mares and became a band stallion again. He also took in some younger bachelors, a mix of mares and stallions creating his unique new family of five. They are a colorful band and can be seen from afar because in his band there is a pinto, two buckskins, a bay, and of course Sherwin, a flashy chestnut with four long socks and a huge wide blaze just like his mom Pinkie.
As for the youngest of Pinkie’s four sons, Paulo still remains a bachelor and lives not too far from his older brothers Trident, PJ, and Sherwin. Paulo is a handsome chestnut stallion with a white crooked blaze who has recently wrestled with other stallions, even older band stallions, and some of his closest bachelor buddies. I’m sure that he is preparing to get a family band of his own soon.
I think it’s heartwarming that all four of Pinkie’s sons are living wild and free, near each other and close to their birthplace, and that I have been lucky enough to know all four brothers since they were born and watch them grow up to be strong band stallions on the Virginia Range.