Dina Titus Sends Letter to BLM

Last month U.S. Rep. Dina Titus penned a letter to the director of the Bureau of Land Management urging the agency to reconsider the scale of its roundups this year. Below is a quote from our Executive Director Suzanne Roy in response to Titus’ letter.

“We applaud Nevada’s U.S. Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) for challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s 2024 large-scale, helicopter roundup strategy for the West, including in Nevada. As Rep. Titus accurately states, this plan will bring us to a somber chapter in U.S. history as the wild horse population in government confinement could equal the number remaining in the wild. 

“AWHC has demonstrated that fertility control can be administered across large land areas in wild horse herds. We commend Reps. Titus and Steve Cohen (D-TN) for calling on the BLM to revert its strategy, change course on harmful and often deadly helicopter roundups, and recognize the challenges with wild horse adoptions and short-term holding that lead to poor outcomes for the horses. We can better and more humanly manage the West’s wild horse herds with fertility control. It’s time.”  

– Suzanne Roy, AWHC Executive Director