Daily Reports: Desatoya Wild Horse Roundup December 2019

The Bureau of Land Management, Carson City District, Stillwater Field Office will begin a wild horse roundup on or about December 5, 2019, at the Desatoya Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) located approximately 77 miles east of Fallon, Nevada. The BLM plans to roundup approximately 450 wild horses and permanently remove 431. Approximately 127 wild horses will remain in the Desatoya Mountains HMA, once the roundup operations are complete. 

Desatoya HMA encompasses approximately 161,700 acres of public and private lands and has an Appropriate Management Level of 127-180 wild horses. 

December 11, 2019, Day 7: 66 Wild Horse Captured, Operation Concludes - 456 Mustangs Permanently Removed from Public Lands

AWHC's observer was the only member of the public onsite. Observation was from the same location as the previous two days and the geography offered limited view of the trapsite from about a mile away. Our field representative still had no view of the handling in the trap pens, horses being loaded or of the temporary holding area, however he did see a few stallions escape the trap.

Desatoya wild horse roundup


Desatoya mustang roundup

One stallion who escaped stopped and looked back at his family in the trap.

A few of the horses are scheduled to be released tomorrow.Mares will be treated with PZP for fertility control, as well as skewing the sex ratio.

Desatoya wild horse stallion


December 10, 2019, Day 6: 118 Wild Horses Captured

AWHC's field representative was the only member of the public onsite. The geography still offered limited viewing from about a mile away.

Thankfully, he was fortunate to see several bands close up as they got pushed to the trap from another direction. There was still no viewing of handling in the trap pens, loading or of the temporary holding area.

Horses looked great and in good body condition.


wild horses


wild horses watching


December 9, 2019, Day 5: 95 Wild Horses Captured

AWHC's representative was the only observer on site for the fifth day of the roundup of the Desatoya wild horses. The geography offered limited viewing of the operation from about a mile away. Because of this, our observer only saw one group of horses come in from another direction. He had no opportunity to view any of the horses being handled in the trap pens, being loaded or at temporary holding. He was told that the holding corrals were on private property and therefore would not be granted access. 

Horses are all coming in off the range in excellent body condition. 

wild horse helicopter stampede


healthy wild horses


wild horses good condition


December 8, 2019, Day 4: 35 Mustangs Captured

AWHC not onsite.

December 7, 2019, Day 3: 42 Mustangs Captured

AWHC not onsite.

December 6, 2019, Day 2: 18 Mustangs Captured, Crash Into Barbed Fencing

AWHC's field representative was one of two members of the public in attendance at today's operation. The viewing location was the same as the day prior. 

On Wednesday, our representatives noticed barbed wire fencing in the HMA and asked that the BLM flag it for the horses as previous roundups have taught us horses will run right into it in a panic not seeing it, causing injuries. The BLM contractors flagged only a small portion of the barbed wire fencing. 

Today, our field representative watched as terrified horses ran directly into the fencing that was not flagged because they could not see it.

The buckskin in the first photo has an injury due to another incident of crashing into fencing that encompassed the area before the horses came into full view of our photographer.

wild horse roundups abuse

wild horse gather injury


December 5, 2019, Day 1: 81 Wild Horses Lose their Freedom

AWHC's field representative was 1 of 3 members of the public who were onsite for the first day of the roundup and removal of wild horses from the Desatoya HMA in Nevada. We were placed just over a half mile from the trap which made it difficult to view the operation well. 

The operation was supposed to start on Wednesday but due to weather it was canceled for the day. While in the HMA though, our representatives noticed barbed wire fencing and asked that the BLM flag it for the horses as history has taught us horses will run right into it in a panic causing injuries. Today, a portion of the barbed wire fencing was flagged, but the helicopter was still pushing horses alongside of it and there was still plenty of fencing that was not flagged. 

The first group captured had a surprisingly young foal for this time of year.

There was no temp holding today, the horses were being shipped directly to Palomino Valley Center for processing. Instead we had a view of the trap pens on our way out.