Children's Activity Book

Wild horses and burros are a symbol of our country, so it is important that we protect them. Since 1971, wild horses and burros have been protected by a law called the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. This means that they are able to live on public lands in western states because our government decided it was important to protect them.

In order to secure their continued protection, AWHC has created the Write for Wild Horses project. This is one way that even our youngest supporters can help wild horses. In the packet, you will find activities you can do to make your voice heard for wild horses and burros! As part of our Write for Wild Horses initiative, we ask that you send your letters, artwork, and other notes to Congress directly to us. We will compile them and send them to our D.C. staff who will hand-deliver each and every one.

Feel free to use #writeforwildhorses as you are completing the packet. We will also post on social media using #writeforwildhorses when we go to deliver your work to Congress so that you are able to follow along with us and see your hard work delivered!